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Curriculum Vitae — Lebenslauf


Jibé B.


M. Sc. final year in biophysics

Master's degree of fundamental Physics at Université Paris-Sud

Scientific activities

April to July 2016: Internship at the Plant Biotechnology laboratory, Freiburg University, Germany

January to April 2016: Internship at the Matter and Complex Systems laboratory, Paris-Diderot University, France

April to July 2015: Internship in Molecular Dynamics of biomembranes group, Freiburg, Germany

May to July 2014: Internship in Cluster Physik research team at the Freiburger Materialforschung (FMF), Freiburg, Germany, "Calorimetry of water clusters "

June to July 2013: Internship in High Energy Physics laboratory, CEA, Saclay, France, "Electron emission in Light-Matter interaction"

Open Science engagement in HackYourPhD


Guitar, learning foreign languages, philosophy

Nota Bene

This version of my curriculum vitae does not contain so much private information, for privacy reasons. Ask me for a more detailled version if you need them.

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