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What can be found here

Here you will find the projects I am taking part to, the Open Lab Notebook I keep in conducting projects, and a blog as well.

Both English and French languages are used. If you can’t read one article because of this, feel free to ask me to translate, that wouldn’t be a problem.

Knowledge-oriented projects

Tool oriented projects

Open Science

All the work you will find here aims to be fully documented, with record kept about each step and choice. All publications are made under a creative commons licence that requires you to cite me as author of the original version and then to do whatever you want, especially great things.

Blog posts

Hypothes.is: annotate the web - how to (March 1st, 2016)

There have been interest for the annotation tool hypothes.is inside the HackYourPhD community on Facebook so I wrote this short description to give you an idea of this tool. Read more…

The merge of black holes released gravitational waves and… Open Data! (Feb 12, 2016)

A note about Open Science in action, at LIGO, that observed gravitational waves. Read more…

Notes taken during the Open Scientific Data Workshop at Laboratoire de l’Accélérateur Linéaire (Nov. 25th 2014)

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