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Your data

No tracker data is available at the moment, this section is under construction. For your information, only a basic page counter tracker is active, hosted on my personal Piwik account (no data is shared with google as with google analytics, nor is any data shared/sold to anyone).

As this website is hosted as github, some data is available to this compagny. This will be solved soon with a migration to a different server (planned is at OVH, help to find an alternative would be welcome).

Traffic analytics on this website

You are tracked but in a pedagogical manner #Ethics

There are trackers on this website, that track traffic and target the interest shown buy users on the different projects, topics available.

You are tracked in a pedagogical way.

The collected data are stored in local storage (on your computer, not on the server where this website is hosted). At any time in the traffic analytics page and when you close this website, you will see the data that has been collected.

You can then save it on your computer in order to analyse it deeper by yourself, in particular cumulating data from successive visits.

This data interest me. Would you want to participate to my database and help me, you are then asked to send me the data (which will be sent from local storage to my server). The data can be nominative (hence cumulation of information on successive visits) or anonymised.

Please give me any feedback in the “Comment/Questions” form. I will read them, in order to improve my comprehension of your expectations, fears, agreement, and I will answer your questions so long as feasible.

Somehow, you are participating to the success of my blog and I am a Commoner. So I keep track of your contribution to the database. You won’t earn anything retroactively, but the dataset around contribution will be used in a reflection around Commons, contribution, retribution and cooperation. If at anytime the agregated data is to be released, it will be done under a CC-BY-SA-NC or BY-CO-SA or alike.

References, inspirations

CHATONS (Framasoft initiative)

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